We've all been there before, you're watching a video and you wonder what the name of the song is that was playing, where you can buy something from, or any other question you have about the video. Scrolling through the comments is fun, but not when you're looking for something specific hitting that "Show more" button endlessly.

youtubeXtras attempts to fix that problem and offer an easy way to load all the comments automatically, so you can search for the information you need.
You can also tag a comment by clicking on the useful button to add it to the "Top Useful Comments" list found on the right side.
You can check the list to learn something new about the video or find information you needed quickly.

There is also a chat box that can be expanded on the lower left corner. You can chat with others watching the video and get help and help others as well. You can expand the chat box to browse through previous chats other people have had in case the help you needed was already there.


Our mission is to provide an environment where people can easily find information they need about a video and help each other out through the top useful comments list and chat box.

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